Moundsville Ghost EVP

Polly Gear of Mountaineer Ghosts sent us some electronic voice phenomena captured at Moundsville Penitentiary in West Virginia. You will need headphones as the ghost EVPs are faint but distinctly say what Polly has referenced for us.

To learn more, also listen to another EVP from Moundsville or read some of the history of Moundsville Penitentiary.

Moundsville EVP - "I am."

"This was recorded in the kitchen. David and I were sitting in there alone and I asked, 'Are you Mexican?' The EVP says, 'I am' (The only reason I had asked if they were Mexican is because earlier this year, while sitting in the kitchen, I had said something about being in the freezer - with the black marks on the wall...and an EVP had said, 'blanco')."

Moundsville EVP - "Yeah, I got a name."

"We are still in the kitchen area...sitting on a big pile of rolled up padding. I said, 'Anyone in here got a name?' Then the EVP is a male voice saying, 'Yeah, I got a name' (I think this was one of the most clear EVP we have actually heard with our ears. I think it gave David a bit of a scare, as you can tell by his voice tone."