Tracey's Electronic Voice Phenomena
Tracey sent in some more electronic voice phenoma known as EVP from her ghost investigations.  You will be intrigued to hear a child's voice on one of the recordings and a man in the background asking her to follow him.  Was this the ghost of the man accused of raping a lady in the shower?

Jason's Electronic Voice Phenomena
Gettysburg is internationally known as a haunted battlefield and Jason has had his own experiences there.  These EVP are some of his record of the ghosts haunting the place of Civil War tragedy.  Check them out and see what you think!

Lake Shawnee Electronic Voice Phenomena
Polly Gear of Mountaineer Ghosts recorded some electronic voice phenomena at this famous West Virginia haunted amusement park.  Listen to three of them...

Cunningham Run Electronic Voice Phenomena
Polly Gear recorded another interesting electronic voice phenomena during a ghost investigation in West Virginia at Cunningham Run Settlement.  Do you hear what may be a Native American or early settler? 

Strawberry Chapel Electronic Voice Phenomena
Joelle captured a muffled reply to her question.  You may need headphones to tune into this electronic voice phenomena.

Bunker Electronic Voice Phenomena
Jason and Peggy capture a ghost whispering and laughing in the background as they recorded this electronic voice phenomena.

Children's Voices Electronic Voice Phenomena
PRISM recorded some sad voices of murdered children in a haunted home. This is actually heard on a video presentation of the electronic voice phenomena.

Firehouse Electronic Voice Phenomena
You will need headphones to hear the male voice speak in response to Polly Gear's questions...

Moundsville Electronic Voice Phenomena
The West Virginia State Penitentiary yields some ghost voices on these two electronic voice phenomena!

October Electronic Voice Phenomena
Faint response of a month to Polly's question asking "What year is it."  Headphones needed to hear this electronic voice phenomena clearly. 

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Electronic Voice Phenomena for you to listen to from Angels & Ghosts !!

What is electronic voice phenomena?

Electronic voice phenomena is also known as EVP and is a form of ITC (instrumental transcommunication).  Electronic voice phenomena was discovered in the 1960s by accident.  Today, many record electronic voice phenomena as part of ghost investigations.  Below are some examples of EVP recordings.