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The Electromagnetic Field Detector, also known as an EMF meter, is the
ghost hunters tracking device. Using this instrument, it is possible to
locate and track energy sources.  Before using the EMF meter as a
ghost hunting tool on an investigation, be sure to walk  around the area
taking readings around energy sources such as light poles and electrical
outlets to be sure of the readings you will receive while scanning  the
area during the investigation.  Some EMF meters come with a manual
describing common household appliances and their corresponding
electromagnetic reading. When using this device be sure not to leave it
on for the full length of the ghost investigation, as this will prevent the
instrument from burning out.

When a positive EMF meter reading occurs, take as many photos as
possible. Be sure and point the camera in the same direction as you are
pointing the EMF meter. This is also a good time to take a temperature
reading. Be sure to always report the times of positive EMF readings,
temperature drops, and the times and numbers of each photo.  This
provides collaborating evidence of the paranormal occurrence.  At the
end of your ghost hunt, you may find that positive EMF and temperature
readings occurred at the exact time you took the photograph which
shows an anomaly.
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