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Listen to an EVP recording.   EVP
have been recorded almost everywhere; the voices not being heard during the time of the EVP recording. There is no exact formula. The voices of ghosts and spirits -- EVP can be found anywhere. 

Take time & listen to an
EVP recording to see
what you think...
EVP Recording: How to

Ask questions during an EVP recording session.
Some ghost hunters start with a prayer or an invite
to the spirits. Start the
EVP recording when your
energy level is high. It may help with the connection to those on the other side. EVP recording of
messages in the beginning tend to be the most loudest, so you may want to wait a bit before announcing
yourself and your intent. Then ask questions and allow time for the spirit(s) to answer during the
session. Record both the question and the answer time for a good EVP recording. When
EVP recording session is completed, the audio should be analyzed carefully with EVP software. For
EVP recording tips visit the: Association Transcommunication
EVP Recordings  

Campground Ghost EVP
EVP recording of a female
ghost voice that says,
"Can you help me?"

Help Me EVP Recording
This could be a child or
female voice heard faintly
in the background.

Civil War Drumming EVP
Polly sent us this EVP
recording from a fire station
house.  Is it...

Moundsville Pen EVP
Recorded by Polly Gear in
the psych ward at the
former WV penitentiary.
EVP Recordings  

Joelle's EVP Recording
EVP recording of a scary
voice.  Did she leave the
fan on you think?

Julie's EVP Recording
Does this EVP recording
say, "Don't care" or
something else?

Hampton Plantation EVP
Two ghostly voices on
these EVP recordings are

EVP On Video
Andrew noticed a voice
softly saying, "I'm Mark"
on his video.  Watch it.
EVP Recordings  

James EVP Recording
A 1700s old burial site
might have yielded some
ghostly voices...

Mountaineer Ghosts EVP
Two EVP recordings of a
child's voice recorded
during the winter.

Haunted House EVP
Kevin's home seems to
have voices and other
signs of a haunting.

West Virginia Pen EVP
More EVP recordings from
Polly Gear of Mountaineer
ghost tshirt
Casper EVP Recording
Sounds like a lady calling
the cat.  Nice EVP.
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