I was out with my son Christmas shopping and had just left my brother's home.  We were in a shop and I was waiting for my son in the middle of the store, while he was paying for his purchases. 

Out of no where, a mist-like figure, with a white, see-through head and torso began to speak to me.  It was not moving, and calling me by name in my brother's voice.  It said, "I need

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you to pay for a funeral."  I thought, "Oh, my God, my brother is dead...or one of his kids."  I was unable to focus on nothing else, but this apparition.   Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw my son walking toward me, and the spirit vanished.  No one else in the store saw it or heard it. 

My son asked if I was okay, and the cashiers wanted to call an ambulance, because I was staring into thin air, not moving and had a shocked look on my face!  Thinking I had just lost my mind, I went home vowing never to tell anyone.

Twelve hours later, my niece took a full bottle of aspirin and I had to drive my brother to the hospital.  He was very calm, and sure she would be okay, even though we were told she was life-flighted from one hospital to the next and on life-support!  He insisted I remain calm, and not rush.  I prayed all the way to the hospital.  My niece lived and with no side effects.

Today, my brother is sitting beside me in an urn.  He died a year or so after these events, and I paid for his funeral.  The proof of this story is that I eventually told my family what had happened to me in the store, after my niece was released from the hospital.  At the time, we all laughed about it, but none of us are laughing now.  I am tormented by the thought that I was warned, but do not know what I could have done to change the outcome.  Was it just to prepare me, and if so, why? 

Today, I still do not understand and sometimes know of bad things about to happen before they actually do.  I think I would rather find things out when everyone else does.  Understanding precognition, the event that happened in the store, to me, was far from normal reality.  How does the spirit of a person alive, project into the future to ask a question that in real time he couldn't do?  When my brother was in the hospital, he was unable to speak to me.  He couldn't say a word, but did all his talking a year ahead of time.  How could I refuse his final request brought forth through time and space?

A message sent from heaven...

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