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My name is Gemma and I'm 16. When I was 12, I was given a cat for Christmas. It was a
pretty old cat (teenaged) when I got it. Two years later, it was giving birth to its second litter
of five kittens. One of the kittens really stood out to me, and I begged my parents to let me
keep it.
We happened to be in the kitchen when mum
ly said I could keep the little kitten. About
30 seconds
, later we heard a blood-curdling
'meow' from the mother cat. We ran into the
living room. The mother cat just looked at me,
id down, and passed away.

About 10 minutes later, we (my mum and I)
went to feed the kittens and
found they had all
passed away e
xcept the one I had begged
my mum for. It just looked at me. And didn't
At this time, I heard a voice telling me not to worry and that everything is OK. I didn't really
know what was going on. I was still awake and the kitten k
ept staring into my eyes. I bent
down to pick it up and fainted as soon as I touched the kitten. I felt a hand touch me and
help me up; but it was my own spirit or soul, not my body. I could see my body, which was
now surrounded by my little sister, mum, dad, and little brother. (My brother was shaking
me, crying, and screaming for me to wake up. I could feel his hands shaking me, but at the
same time I could see him doing it.)

I was now standing behind my brother. I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. He
stopped for a second and calmed down. My mum ran into the kitchen, grabbed the phone
and called for help. At this time, I was still looking at my brother. I turned around to look at
my mum and she was lit like a light. She was a beautiful glowing, pink shape. As she ran
through the living room, she walked straight into me and was I pushed back into my body
on the ground. I started crying and slowly sat up. I could see my family was crying, but now
it was happy tears. I couldn't hear anything. I turned around, looked behind me, and saw
the kitten was glowing. As I looked at it, the kitten just looked at me and meowed. Two
days later it passed away.

When the ambulance came to have a look at me, they couldn't find anything medically
wrong. I told them I was fine. I believe that my life was saved by my amazing mother, who
pushed my soul back into my body, and the kittens' lives that were given for mine.

- Gemma
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