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Polly Gear of the Mountaineer Ghosts Paranormal Investigators has spent years
investigating the
Moundsville Penitentiary and photographed the Moundsville Shadow Man.  
She sent us the following EVP recorded at the West Virginia Pen:
"This (first) EVP was recorded in the maximum security cell where the
infamous Red Snyder was housed.  He had been incarcerated for
murdering his parents, and was stabbed to death (37 times in 1991 in
this very cell by his neighboring celled inmate - Rusty Lassiter).  On
this EVP clip, my own voice is first.  I say, 'We're going to go, since you
won't talk.' Then the evp answer is, 'I don't care.'"
"This (second) EVP was recorded in the South end of the basement, in
a large room.  My own voice is first on the EVP clip. I say, 'Are you
hear?'  The evp reply says, 'I have to be here.'"
"This (third) EVP was recorded in the south end of the basement area
- same  room as the previous evp.  My own voice is first. I say, 'Where
are you?' The EVP reply is, 'Out here.'"
"This (fourth) EVP was recorded in the prison kitchen area.  My voice is
first and I say, 'Can you shut the freezer door.'  The EVP says, 'I'm
Here is another EVP from Polly taken at the West Virginia Pen:
Moundsville Pen EVP Recording
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