Frank’s Box to Go Up for Sale – 2 of Them!

Just in time for Halloween, two original Frank’s Box ghost and spirit communication devices will be going up for sale by its owner who contacted Angels & Ghosts.

One ghost box can be used for both video and audio ITC (Instrumental Transcommunicationfranks-video-box-4-dd – the practice of making contact with spirits using an electronic device). This video box is # 4 and is considered a rare creation of Frank Sumption.

The other ghost box being offered for sale and made by Mr. Sumption is box #146. It was made in 2013, and it has both AM and FM options along with a few other unique features thrown in by its creator.

Learn more about both of them, including how you can make contact to buy them:
Frank’s Box Ghost Communicators Go Up for Sale.

3 thoughts on “Frank’s Box to Go Up for Sale – 2 of Them!”

  1. Hi , I know the post is old but I’m wondering if either of the Frank’s boxes that were for sale are still around , I’m s serious buyer and would love to add one to my collection . I’m a parapsychology student studying under loyd Auerbach in Ca . Please contact me if there’s info on these boxes , thankyou!

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