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Ghosts in Haunted Charleston? Take a Ghost Tour and Maybe Find Out for Yourself!
Charleston, South Carolina is considered by some to be the “mecca” of the haunted south, an
old city full of ghosts, rivaled only by Savannah, Georgia. At last count, there are at least 27
ghost tours in Charleston, the haunted seaport of the south. So, there must be ghosts, right?
Haunted Charleston Is an Old Town
The city's original name in 1670 was “Charles
Towne.” Its name changed to "Charleston" in
1783, and is known as one of the three sister
cities of the south (the others being New
Orleans and Savannah). Charleston is also
called the “Holy City” due to the amount of
steeples (78 churches) visible among a low city
skyline. The surrounding four counties around
Charleston are also labeled the “lowcountry,”
with the city itself sitting only eight feet above
sea level. It is a place full of hospitality, charm,
and folklore, to be sure.
The friendly city of Charleston is surrounded by water on three sides and is said to have 3
people buried in its earth for every living resident. So many burials had taken place in the
city by 1840 that the mayor banned anymore people from being interned downtown. It is
believed that the water had become contaminated from the corpses. No wonder Charleston
is historically presumed haunted!
Charleston Ghost Tours
We wanted to learn more about Charleston's ghosts, so
we embarked on a ghost tour with Charleston's Best
Tours. Our guide, George, was very well-versed with the
history and haunting of the city. George had many
superstitious tales native to the Charleston area. Among
bicycle-powered rickshaws and horse-drawn carriage
Haunted Charleston Warehouse - Ghosts?
rides, we walked the streets and cobblestone paths of the oldest part of the city.

Our ghost tour began at a neat old pub frequented by the locals called “The Griffin.” Our first
stop had us looking at an old cotton warehouse
(see above right photo). We learned that within a
third floor office, Captain George hung himself in 1885 after watching his cotton shipment go
up in flames on a boat in the harbor. A hundred years later, the same building became a
restaurant and bar called, “East Bay Trading Company.” Soon after opening, guests and
workers discovered the room on the third floor was haunted. Witnesses say that cold spots,
a flash of light, and chairs stacked to the ceiling gave them quite a fright!

George also told us about a house on 21 Battery Street. The antebellum home has an old
kitchen, slave, and carriage house that is haunted. One of the ghosts that haunts the place is
called a “haint” by the owner of the property. A
haint is a mean-spirited ghost. Witnesses of
the ghost have described him as having no legs or head. He is known simply as “The Torso.”
There are many other stories George shared from local folklore.
He told us about beliefs in “hags,” “slipskin hags,” and “brew
hags.” We also learned about a haunted alley
(see photo at left) and
the tragic story of the ghost of an old woman. She is reportedly still
seen after strong thunder and lightning storms. We enjoyed
hearing about Charleston's rich history. Among the setting of palm
trees and Spanish moss, we learned about the city's history with
pirates, and tales about graveyards and family crypts!

Near the end of our Charleston walking tour, we had the
opportunity to see a famous ghost photograph taken at St. Philips
Church cemetery. The photo is said to show the ghost of Sue
Howard Hardy, a woman who died in 1888 from complications
stemming from childbirth. Apparently, Charleston used to be an
unhealthful city with a high infant mortality rate. Sue Hardy's death was preceded by her
child's passing. Does her ghost still lament at the grave of her baby?
Charleston Ghost Picture - Is it Sue Howard Hardy?
Find the Ghosts of Charleston
If you get the chance to visit
Charleston, South Carolina, be sure
to learn of its history. You might want
take a ghost tour, too. You will find the
haunted city beckons people to learn
more about its darker secrets.
Charleston's mystique will captivate
and charm you.

Left: A Charleston burial place.

Right: Ghost picture taken in Charleston's
haunted St. Philip's Church yard. Is it Sue
Help with Haunting: Helping Ghosts!
To find a ghost tour while in haunted Charleston, the following
sites are some tour companies we found within the city:
Angels & Ghosts!
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