Residual Hauntings

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Residual hauntings are somewhat hard to describe, but are fairly common.  Also known as
"psychic impressions," residual hauntings are considered by many as the most experienced
type of haunting.  When a ghost or event is seen over and over doing the same thing, this is
a residual haunting.  Most footsteps and ghostly noises that are heard in a haunted place
are of the residual haunting type.  The residual sounds can be heard over and over.  For
example, it is said that in the Queen Mary's Second Class Pool Room, one can hear
splashing, though the pool is now empty!

Think of a residual haunting as a movie being re-run on TV day after day.  It is believed by
ghost hunters that some events, due to perhaps strong emotional energy attached to it,
imprint themselves somehow on the environment where the event took place.  Sort of
"trapped in time,"  the event is recorded in the atmosphere of a place.  If one were to see a
ghost doing the same activity over and over, and with no response to the present
environment, it is most likely a residual haunting.  Residual hauntings are past events playing
in the present, but with no interaction with today.  It is a common ghost hunters theory that
most residual hauntings occur in places built over top of limestone, quartz stone and/or
water.  These seem to act as a transmitter, perhaps creating the perfect environment to
allow the residual haunting energy to manifest.

How can residual hauntings occur?  Energy is spirit and spirit is life.  All of us are spirit, with
or without the physical body, and we live and exist within spirit.  Spirit is the life-force of all,
whether plant, animal or human being, and is everywhere.  Everything that is, exists within
spirit.  Spirit or energy is everywhere. Thus, is it possible for an event or person to imprint its
energy upon a place?  Most ghost hunters believe so...
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