1967 Ghost Picture

A picture from 1967 shows a moving light pattern in it. Is it a ghost?

"Found this today in pristine condition at my mother's house. This (photo) was taken in November of 1967 of me and my brother praying at bedtime."  - Rod from Texas

"I thought it was very unique. I can providethe  original photograph for scrutiny and verification. I give you my word this is 100% original, untouched.

I did some research and found that pre-digital photos are very rare with this sort of mist/orb since modern digital cameras tend to produce false or reflective photos much easier. This was taken at night with no mirrors etc. in a room that could not have reflected the light. Thanks for your time, I hope you find this as interesting as I did." - Rod from Texas


Could spirits of loved ones been with the little boys while in prayer? Is this proof of spirit existence?