Newsham Park Hospital Photobombing Ghost

A haunted hospital ghost hunt /ghost tour gave participants their money's worth as it appears that, perhaps, a real ghost or two was touring with them. One, maybe, two ghosts appeared in a photograph of the group taken the end of October 2016 and posted on Facebook November 2nd.

Many see just one accounted for person in the photograph (highlighted in green), but we see two faces when looking at it.

Are either of these people/faces ghosts? We're not sure, but it is interesting that the lady's countenance is darker than others' - we've seen this before and could be authentic. The Haunted Happenings leaders who were at Newsham Park Hospital (Liverpool, England) believe the photo was not tampered with - it was taken by one of their team and other group photos apparently did not have the ghost(s) found within them.