Ghost Boy in Toy Car!

In a mirror, the reflection shows a young boy, possibly his ghost, playing in a toy car! The lady who snapped the photo was taking a snapchat pic of the workout equipment she was about to use. Yipes!

" best friend showed me this picture. For the past week, we have been working out in her garage when we suddenly heard her baby's drum set playing. I obviously freaked out as nobody was there but us. My friend then explained to me how this has been happening and how a boy appeared to her." - Andy

"She told me she was working out on her own as her baby was asleep inside. She decided to post a picture for snapchat to show what she was going to do.

In the reflection of the window, you can clearly see a boy. She had no idea there was a boy in back of her while taking the picture until a friend notified her and asked if her baby also worked out with her. He was asleep, and the baby was two at the time. This boy appears to be the age of 4-5 years old." - Andy