Los Angeles Restaurant Child Ghost

A human, a child appears in a restaurant bathroom, unexpectedly...ghost?

"I have no explanation for this picture. It was taken in 2006 in restaurant bathroom that I used to work at in Los Angeles, California. The picture is of me fleeing from the restroom, trying not to have a picture taken of myself. When the person who took the picture showed me the result the next morning, I was shocked to see a figure in it that could not have possibly been there. It was just him and I in the restroom of a restaurant that had not even opened its doors for customers yet." - Chris

"I'm not sure of any history that the restaurant has of any paranormal activity. But I can assure you that there was no other person in that bathroom.

I was hoping that you could take a look at this picture and let me know what you think. Let me just say that I do not believe in ghosts. Hard to believe in something I have never seen, nor seen believable proof of. 

The figure looks to be a person, possibly a little girl, looking into where the mirror is hung in that small restroom. It was taken with an old flip phone and not of great quality, but the image is clear."

"I'd love to hear any theories, thoughts, or feedback on it. If it helps, I can guarantee that the person who took it is not very computer savvy and most likely has no idea what photoshop is. I've saved the picture over the years and still can't explain it."