Colorado Restaurant Ghost

Something appeared behind Stephanie while dining and celebrating at Gabriel's Restaurant & Tuscan Bar near Denver, Colorado. If you look closely, there is a small portion of the foggy form that has color to it - as if it was beginning to manifest into an apparition. Nice ghost picture and story!

"My husband and I were having dinner at Gabriel's restaurant in Sedalia, Colorado and had asked the waitress to take a picture. A few minutes later I looked at he photos and was shocked by what I saw. I asked our waitress about the picture she took of us. She had stated that Gabriel's had some (ghost) activity, and the building was constructed back in the year 1909. The people who (originally) owned it had thirteen children. - Stephanie M."

It would be fantastic to think that a former resident of the house could be hanging around with workers and guests.

When viewing this photo, it's important to recognize that the mist appears behind Stephanie's head. It was not added into the photo, and it is not from flash reflection.

We wonder if there are some ghost stories that workers at this restaurant might share if asked. It's comforting to know that there is life everywhere - something with us beyond the norm.