Photographic Evidence of a Haunting?

Seeking answers, Krysti sent us this ghost picture that may, or may not, be photographic evidence of a haunting:

This was taken on my friends phone no one else was in the room with us I took it to a lady who said whatever this is is attached to me just trying to get more answers or tips on how to get rid of it weird and odd things have always happened. - Krysti

It would be difficult for us to know, for sure, if this photo has a supernatural entity in it without having been there at the time the photo was taken to rule out all possible, natural causes. It looks more like something moving fast into frame, maybe hair, behind the child.

So, let's assume the lady is correct, and we are looking at a shadow ghost. The ghost would be that of a person -an  attachment probably just means, in this case, the person is hanging around Krysti and her family. The person could be a relative, friend or stranger, and they could be totally friendly - loving your family's presence. The person might also want help or desire to communicate.

Most ghosts do not have evil or bad intentions, so we would not recommend approaching any haunting while afraid (as Yoda once said, "Fear is the path to the dark side." We tend to agree in that fear causes us to be out of control and under the influence of our own frightful thoughts or another's manipulation).

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"I'm not so sure that it's friendly; it could be coincidental but the day after that photo was taken, nothing but horrible things have happened including my health. 

I was diagnosed about a year ago with sleep paralysis, been on meds and was doing good; but now it don't work, and I'm losing my vision. The doctor don't know why my oldest complains, often, of the mean man - and it's anywhere we go." - Krysti

This sounds more like an attachment of a negative ghost (human) and could need dealt with by an experienced psychic-medium who knows how to help ghosts transition over from the physical plane. People often report feeling ill, and sleep paralysis can be a sign (not always) of ghost possession.