Man Who Was Not There

Photograph might have caught the glimpse of a man who was not there with them in the room. Or was he?

"The 'man' who appears to be wearing a suit isn't actually there. This was taken on an iPhone as a selfie by my friend (not pictured) The two children seen over by the coffee table are happily packing their things for a stay in this holiday caravan/trailer. There wasn't a man there. We have tried zooming in, lightening it up in photoshop etc but it still looks like a man. A photographer friend looked at it and said that he thought it was a trick of the light and that the 'hands' were simply the rose patterns on the curtain." - CEA79

"The 'legs' go perfectly behind the chair so it can't be a double exposure, plus it's an iPhone pic so I don't think that can happen. Also, any other shadows are nowhere near as dark as this. I'm convinced there's more to it than a trick of the light. It has to be a camera glitch or something paranormal. Can you please take a look." - CEA79

We are intrigued by what looks like the curtain pattern appearing over top of the black legs.