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Kathy Owen from Bodfish, California and founder of Lake Isabella Paranormal Society sent us her and her
group's following experiments in creating false apparition ghost pictures, by lengthening the exposure time
(keeping the shutter open for a longer period of time).  On some cameras, it is quite easily to adjust the time
the shutter is open while taking a picture, to the second.  This could account for some pictures which have a
transparent person in them.  Did the shutter stay open longer than normal?  Here is Kathy's report:

"My son Daniel and members of L.I.P.S. conducted an experiment on the effects of double exposure, and the
use of open-shutter. The camera was set up on a tripod, and the shutter was set on a 10 second time frame. In
the pictures you can see how the test subjects appear to be transparent, and to the point you can barely see
them. Even with open-shutter, everything in the picture looks much brighter, meaning the shutter is left open
longer and picking up more light.  It appears to take on the effect of double-exposure and can easily be
mistaken for an apparition. This experiment was conducted with the use of a Kodak digital camera of 5.0
fake apparition ghost picture

Look close to
see Daniel in the
picture.  The
exposure time
created a bright
room, as well.


Kathy is dancing
in front of the
camera while the
shutter stays
open for ten
seconds.  Notice
how it captures
her range of


Eric walks by the
camera during
the lengthened
shutter test.  
The camera was
placed on a
tripod to prevent
during the


Eric sits on the
couch during the
Even the chairs
are transparent,
as the camera
was swiveled on
its tripod.
fake apparition
fake apparition
false apparition ghost photo
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