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Haunted Attractions: Best Haunted Attractions!
Haunted Attractions: The Best Haunted Attractions
Some of the
best haunted attractions that are fast becoming popular are found at theme
and amusement parks across the country. If you are looking for a spooky time coupled with
rides and other things to do, a visit to these
top haunted attractions might be just the ticket.
However, there are local, dedicated haunted attractions that are just as adept at scaring the
begeezus out of people, too. You definitely don't want to dismiss them! Oftentimes costing
less money, they are quite attractive entertainment.

Haunted attractions present an adventure, a coming-of-age way to face one's fears. It's a
quest to see how much you and your friends can take. Although these attractions are not
about real ghosts and ghouls, some of the haunted venues certainly are not for the faint of
heart. Some of these annual haunts are known for shutting visitors down due to extreme fear.
You might wonder how? People find themselves confronting, and even fleeing, monsters while
navigating dark, creepy mazes and strobe light-filled scenes. The disorientation itself is
frightening enough, but the best of haunted attractions also have a very creepy collection of
horrific-looking creatures. And as you may imagine, these well-trained actors, who are gifted
in the craft of spook, live to torment paying guests. They view their visitors as a challenge.
Best Amusement Park Haunted Attractions
Halloween Horror Nights Orlando – Universal Studios in
Florida knows how to frighten guests with 8 haunted
houses. Hundreds of thousands of visitors will descend
upon the park this year to experience their haunted
attractions which began in 1991.

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood – The original
Universal Studios knows how to put on one of the best
haunted attractions by using Freddy Krueger and Friday the
Help with Haunting: Helping Ghosts!
13th's Jason. Also expect plenty of scares with zombies and vampires!

Howl-O-Scream – Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Tampa Bay and San Antonio all have
their own spooky rides, coasters, shows and haunted houses.

Knott's Scary Farm Haunt – Knott's Berry Farm is featuring 13 mazes including the eerie
'Terror of London.' Rumor has it that guests will trek through foggy streets, hoping to avoid
Jack the Ripper! This park full of haunted attractions started spooking guests way back in

Fright Fest – Six Flags amusement parks celebrate Halloween month each weekend by
adding more terror and wandering zombies into its mix of thrill rides.

Halloweekends – The best park for roller coasters, Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, adds
haunted houses, scare zones, shows, and even dining with the dead to its repertoire of
fantastic rides!
Haunted Attractions: Prisons!
Best Haunted Attractions in Prisons
Terror Behind the Walls – Easter State Penitentiary is
known to be haunted, but now they've added six attractions
inside the prison to really frighten visitors.

Haunted Prison Experience – Mansfield Reformatory has
now added a haunted attraction within its 124 year old walls.
Known for being haunted, the Ohio State Reformatory now
brings the supernatural into vogue with Special FX!

Dungeon of Horrors – The former West Virginia Penitentiary
is known for the shadow man ghost. They have added a
haunted attraction for October to complement the mystique...
Best Haunted Attractions – Haunted Houses
Netherworld Haunted House – Atlanta's scariest haunted attraction is thought to be one of
the best in the country. The experience has been described as “living in a horror movie.”

Haunted Mansion – Kevin McCurdy's masterpiece of fright is very interactive and attention
to detail is phenomenal. Rated one of the best haunted attractions in the country.

Scarehouse – Pittsburgh's ultimate Halloween haunt! It's a must-see haunted attraction and
a place that will scare visitors out of their wits!

Dead Acres – Situated in Columbus, Ohio, Dead Acres is a top rated haunted house and

House of Torment – Austin, Texas world class haunted attraction is big and bad...

Dent School House – Cincinnati, Ohio haunted school house based upon a morbid past.
One of the top haunted attractions in the country!

Nightmare on 13th Street – Salt Lake City, Utah venue was one of the choices of the Travel
Channel for haunted attractions. A sophisticated pre-show sets the tone before guests ever
enter the haunt!

Blood Manor – New York City's premier haunted residence. Sitting on its west side, Blood
Manor is the Big Apple's best offering of haunted attractions. Actors and animatronics spook
the living!
Best Haunted Attractions!
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