Haunted Vacation Tips

Various tips for how to improve your haunted vacations...

Some haunted vacations can be quite tame while others may scare the poop right out of you! Word to the wise: start out with baby steps and work your way up to more difficult to bear haunted options if this is your first time. We've come up with a page of recommendations for you to consider before embarking into the unknown. 

Choosing the place to stay for your haunted vacation is more than just about location; it is about research. Haunted vacations are more fun if you plan a bit ahead of time. Begin by comparing haunted hotels and narrow the choice down to several options. Next, study the stories, checking what accommodations are available based upon the history of the haunting as well as your level of comfort. For example, if room 302 is said to have a lot of paranormal activity, call the hotel, talk about the room, and see when it is available for your night stay. Ask what you might experience in the room. Can't hurt. There are many haunted hotels, so be sure and check out our list of some of the most notorious haunted stays before planning your next spooky trek. 

By knowing where to stay and what to look for, you stand a better chance of experiencing ghostly activity. Plus, it might not be a bad idea to know what you might be in for!


Do not book haunted hotels based upon Halloween, or any other spooky event. However, it may be a good idea to book your haunted vacation during a time of increased geomagnetic activity, or even a full moon (see Best Ghost Hunting Times). And don't forget to pack some ghost hunting equipment with you, at least a camera, or perhaps an audio recorder. Small children should not be expected to enjoy haunted places, so keep them home if you are dealing with something truly frightful (or maybe you shouldn't tell them about why you are staying where you are). Otherwise fear will feed their imaginations, and nightmares could result.

Also, be sure you can check out of the hotel during the middle of the night should your stay become uncomfortable. You never know what you may experience and how you may feel once there. Should you find yourself in a night of terror, it is best to leave as soon as possible. Having an exit strategy just makes good sense.

A Ghost Tour, Perhaps?
If in doubt, ask hotel staff about the terms of your stay, as well as the haunting, looking for information, additional stories, and possible suggestions that they may be able to offer you. You may also want to research the nearby area to see if there are any other haunted sites you may wish to visit, or ghost tours you may elect to join. Battlefields, graveyards, and churches make for excellent additional haunted places to explore. Take lots of pictures and have fun.

Haunted vacations can turn surprising for some people. Those who wish to have a paranormal or spiritual experience may have just that. And paranormal experiences, such as these, can be life-changing, sometimes. This is the number one reason for vacationing at haunted sites - it can be a way to begin a spiritual adventure. And best of all, your spirit-minded trip can happen while with others who share the same interest. Together, you will have stories to tell others down the road.

If you want to just have a fun time and get spooked, well, you could always visit a staged haunted house. And no haunted house is better than Disney's Haunted Mansion found at every one of their theme parks (see the video above or visit, Best Haunted Attractions). 

Good luck and best wishes on your next haunted vacation. With a little luck, you will gain some insight into the world of the unseen and face your fears of the unknown. You will, of course, live to tell about it and progress on your paranormal journey. May you find the answers you seek most.