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Kathy Owen from Bodfish, California sent us the following experiments of camera straps getting in the way of the
picture.  Kathy purposely created these photos to show how a camera strap can appear like a ghostly vortex or
portal in ghost pictures.  

As you will see, the flash reflecting off of the strap can make a nice, white effect in the picture; but it can also
appear black going across the photograph.  We suggest that if you are going to go ghost hunting, it is best to
simply remove the camera strap or keep it around your wrist (if you do not want to remove it).
"All four of these pictures were taken with the camera strap in the way. This is
to show that even a camera can show up to look like a vortex or Ectoplasm."
Above & Below: Picture taken with the camera strap in the way.  Looks
like a ghost vortex...
Below:  The camera strap looks like a dark shadow ghost moving
across the field of the picture.

Karen Harvey sent us this
great example of a camera
strap in front of the camera
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