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From 2011-12 Ghost Pictures

Lisa from New Jersey sent us this ghost picture she calls a "facial apparition":

"I come from a family where everyone is sensitive, and we bought this house together (sis, mom, and I). From the first day, ten years ago, we have been experiencing strange phenomena. I just wanted to snap a pic of my cat and did it in mid-June (2011) late at night."

The ghost picture (below) from Lisa has a woman's face (or two) behind the cat:
Facial Apparition? Ghost Behind the Cat!

Below is close-up of the two faces - are both female ghosts?
Close-up: Facial Apparition Ghost Photo

"I have seen things like this on my back porch, out of the corner of my eye, that have made me very uncomfortable; but there she is. I uploaded this photo to my computer, and when we saw it on the big screen, my mother cried out, 'Oh my God, that looks like NaNa (her mother).' I dont know who it is, but there is definitely something right behind my cats ear. I used a three megapixel point and click camera."

We really wish the megapixels of the camera were higher. If it had been, we might have been able to see more detail of the faces to help determine if it was definitely a person (or two) looking through the window. That said, this ghost photo is definitely a conversation starter!

Is the ghost picture from Lisa evidence of an apparition? You decide...

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