Angels & Ghosts Special Feature!
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Common mis-spellings for ghosts and angels: angl, gost, gohst, anegl, angal, pic, pikture. Other languages: gast, geister, geist, engel, revenant, ange, fantasma, angelo, grabado, aparicion.
Pictures: bild, bilder, accettazione, dipinto, figure, image, imagen, ingreso. Apy
Fake Ghost Pictures
Learn about false ghost photos created by natural causes as well ghost photographs deliberately faked.

Over many years, we have received photos from all over the world. Some have been outright fakes, while others have been false anomalies misindentified as ghosts in photographs.

It is our hope that this page helps answers some questions we receive every month from viewers, such as,
"How can I tell if this is a ghost, or not, in my photo? How can I tell if a ghost picture is faked?", etc.
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Scientific Explanations for Some False Ghost Pictures
Science explains that some of what we see just aren't ghosts.

Matrixing / Pareidolia
How patterns of things become familiar to us.
Anthropomorphizing Learn how we attribute human characteristics to things that are non-human, seeing them differently.
Ghosts We Think We See Tips on what to look for in ghost photos.
Perspective Distortion How the camera lens can distort images and what to look for when examining ghosts in photos.
Exif Data & Ghost Pictures Finding hidden information in photographs that tell about the camera settings.
Outright Fake Ghost Photography
The following info features examples of "Photoshopped" or art program-created ghost pictures and double-exposures.

Ghost Capture!
Fake ghost pictures can be created from this popular cell phone app - beware!
Ghost Camera Pro Another app that is being used to fake ghosts.
Dead Body Ghost Picture Double-exposure makes a cool effect of a person "rising" out of their body.
Photoshopped Ghost Face Great example of how a graphic art program can be used to edit a photo into a ghost picture.
Fake Haunted Graveyard Some editing of this picture made it eerie.
Fake Orb Ghost Pic Art program eraser tool makes orbs.

Examples of Fake Ghost Pictures Seen on the Internet
Some notorious fakes making their way around the web...

Ghost Girl This is definitely not a photo of a real female ghost.
Graveyard Girl Ghost Study contest asked people to place this "ghost" in photographs to dupe people!
Three Men and a Baby Ghost Purposely-added ghost in a movie.
Mystery Shopper Ghost Just a not-so-good fake ghost picture.
Billingham Ghost Picture We're pretty sure this is another fake!
Natural Ghost Photo Anomalies
See examples of naturally occuring "things" that can show up in your photo, making one think, "It's a ghost!"

Insect Fake Ghost Pictures Little buggers look like angels in pics!
Dust Orbs Small particles in the air create balls of light.
Pollen Orbs Similar to dust orbs, look for cross-hatching.
Rain Orbs See how moisture in the air photographs.
Snow Orbs Don't forget that snow is not ghost evidence, either!
Hair The photographer's hair gets in the way, occasionally.
False Ectoplasm Mists Photographic examples of breath, smoke and steam that can appear similarly to ghost mists.
False Apparitions Flash and exposure settings can accidentally create see-through spirits in photographs.
False Energy Pictures Lightbars and "haze" are hallmarks of flash setting misuse. Also, see more False Energy Photos.
False Shadow Ghosts Your finger can create a false specter!
Camera Strap Ghosts False vortex pictures - not ghosts.
Flash Reflection Look for shiny objects if using the flash setting.
Glass Reflection Ghosts Reflecting objects look like spirits.
Lens Flare Ghosts See how sunlight can appear in your photos.
Interesting Note: Spirit Photography
Ghost photographs have been faked since the 1800s when photographers used lengthened exposures to create spirit-like effects in photos. If a person were to slide in and out of the picture during a lengthened-exposure, their image would appear see-through.

Sometimes, for families who lost a loved one, photographers would overlay another photo of the deceased relative in with family portraits, creating the effect of the whole clan being back together. To do this, they used a technique known as "double exposure." The shutter was exposed more than once to two different images: the family, and the photo of the person. To learn more about this, see:
Spirit Photography.
Ghost Hunting Tip: Know Your Camera
Most of the false ghost photos that are generated come from improper use of the camera. Before ghost investigating, read your camera's owner's manual to learn how the different settings of the camera can alter the end result. Also, take photos with your camera while attempting to create the false ghost photo anomalies listed at right. By doing this, you'll learn, firsthand, what is real and what is not!
Years ago, we began working with other ghost investigators to reproduce false photo anomalies that are typically misinterpreted as being ghosts. Our goal was to attempt to have representations of the most common photographic effects and blemishes for comparison to photos we receive, monthly, from our audience. Today, we are pleased to have a nice collection of "explanations" and example images for many of the most common photo abnormalities one might encounter while ghost hunting.

We have also found that pictures mislabeled as having ghosts, we have found, may be due to proven scientific facts. Other supposedly supernatural photographs may be downright frauds created by talented photographers, graphic artists or computer programs.

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