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Arlin sent us this picture recently.  Is it a fake or an absolute fantastic ghost picture.  We can't tell to be sure...you

"I took this picture in my basement one afternoon to show the progress of the work a friend was doing for me.  I
was the only one in the house at the time this photo was taken. I believe the picture speaks for itself!
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"While I think it's an excellent photo, and while I don't claim to be an expert on
ghost photos in any respect, I suspect a fake for this one.  Unless the ghost was
of someone who died fairly recently, as evidenced by the Old Navy sweatshirt
(and that's certainly a possibility), it's most likely a fake.  Of course, I'm not sure
if the photo is in reference to the orb above the sweatshirt, and the shirt is just
- Rachel

We assumed just the face is of ghostly question...
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