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Kathy Owen from Bodfish, California and founder of Lake Isabella Paranormal Society sent us the following
experiments of hair getting in the way of the picture.  Kathy purposely created these photos to show how a
person's hair can appear like a ghostly vortex (portal) or a moving orb in ghost pictures.  

As you will see, the flash reflecting off of human hair can make a nice, white or orange effect in the picture; but
it can also appear to have small "orbs" within it, too.  The strand can appear thin or wide.  We suggest that if
you are going to go ghost hunting, it is best to tie longer hair back so it doesn't fall in front of the camera lens.
"Just by taking a piece of hair and placing it in front of the lens, one can easily
create a vapor trail or even super-charged energy.  Even my fingers holding
the strand of hair can look like a shadow ghost.  This is why it's so important to
make sure your hair is tied back and away from the lens when taking pictures.
My digital camera was set on auto mode with the use of flash."
hair strand
Above: Picture taken with a hair in the way.  Looks like a moving orb or
energy. The shadow was caused by Kathy's finger in front of the camera's
flash unit.

Below: Two examples of thinner looking streaks caused by the hair.  Notice
small balls of light within it.  
hair in the way
hair in front of lens
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