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Haunted Vacations
A page of ideas for those looking to create their own haunted vacations.

Are you looking to visit some cool sites and experience ghostly activity first hand? Some of our haunted vacations suggestions may put you in contact with ghosts. Other trip or furlough recommendations are just for some spooky fun. Maybe, you are looking for chills that only a thrill ride can give you? If so, we've found some great places to visit.

Why not plan your own haunted vacation? Read on and find some haunted vacation ideas that match your inner, freaky desires...
Haunted Vacations Recommendations
Almost anywhere you go on vacation, there will probably be some kind of haunted event or place in the area. You could tie-in a haunted expedition, stay at haunted hotels while traveling, or revolve entire vacations around having haunted experiences. Other ideas include visits to haunted houses, taking ghost tours, and attending events such as ghost conferences. Below are more examples of what is out there to do, so get busy planning your next trip! Read more Haunted Vacations Recommendations.
Haunted Vacations: Haunted Attractions
Consider visiting theme parks in October, ghost-ridden prisons and other options for your haunted vacation! Check out some Haunted Attractions!
Haunted Vacations: Test Some Haunted Legends
A little south of San Antonio, Texas, in a regular neighborhood near the San Juan Mission, there is an intersection between a road and a railroad track where an unfortunate accident occurred in which a few children were killed. Legend has it that, back in the thirties or forties, a school bus full of kids stalled on the railroad tracks at this intersection. A speeding train crashed into the bus, killing ten kids and the driver. Since then, it has been said that if a car is stopped on these tracks, then it will be pushed to safety by some unseen force. Apparently, it is the children tat push stopped cars to prevent an accident like theirs. Numerous people have experimented with this claim and all have had the same result, they say. First, the driver puts the car in neutral or turns off the engine all together about 20 to 30 yards from the tracks. Then, the car magically slowly starts to roll up the incline of the road towards the tracks. As the vehicle picks up speed, it rolls over the tracks and down the other side. Talcum or baby powder has been sprinkled over the back of vehicle testing the legend, and small finger and hand prints have been found once the vehicle reached safety. Find legends like this, on your own, and explore them. Want another idea? Why not visit Mexico and the Day of the Dead Festival!
Haunted Vacations: Visit Haunted Lighthouses
The New London Ledge Lighthouse in New London Harbor, Connecticut was built in 1909. It is supposed to be haunted by a man named Ernie. In 1936, when Ernie found out that his wife left him for the Block Island Ferry captain, Ernie jumped from the roof of the lighthouse to his death. His ghost now haunts the lighthouse. He has been known to open and close doors, turn off televisions, wash the decks, turn the fog horn on and off, and untie secured boats to let them drift off into the sea. See Haunted Lighthouses.
Haunted Vacations: Explore Old Theaters?
The Welden Theatre in St. Albans, Vermont, has had some strange occurrences. This theatre was built over an old jail. The projection booths have especially been strange. Voices have been heard in the booths. Movies start by themselves. In the basement, which is filled with old jai cells, people have felt like they were being watch and also saw a man in a white sweater. This man is said to be an old homeless man who had moved into the basement years ago. After dying, he continues to walk around the basement. The basement doors fly open, even after being latched. Lastly, doors that say, “Alarm will sound when opened,” have been found open, with no alarm sounding. Investigate Theatre Ghosts.
Haunted Pubs & Bars? Join a Haunted Pub Crawl
In the western part of Duluth, Minnesota, in the Spirit Valley, there is a place called Charlie’s Club. The building was built in the late 1800’s and was originally four stories high, but is now only one story due to a fire. By the west door there are some billiard tables. By these tables, people say they or their pool stick were brushed, touched, or pushed while there was no one around them. This bar is known for being haunted by an old woman who only appears in front of men; usually these men are employees of the bar. People who work there say they have heard the bathroom and security doors slam shut, open, and swing fiercely. When they would rush to see what the commotion was about, there would be nobody there. This usually happens after the club closes. Bars are a great place for haunting. Learn about the Haunted Pub Crawl.
Haunted Vacations Tip
Some of the best vacations are those where history and haunting can be investigated together. So plan and book a haunted vacation that can be both a sabbatical but an educational experience, where history is blended with mystery through the exploration of haunted places. You and your companions will enjoy a spirited adventure instead of a typical mundane holiday. For more ideas, we suggest you also see our Famous Haunted Places page for even more ideas of possible haunted trip destinations.

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