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From 2011-12 Ghost Pictures

Our friend, Margaret, has a haunted home. The following are a couple of ghostly mists she captured within it:

"These were taken in my home, and I have more. I have many ice-cold spots. Sometimes, when I sit, it's like someone is sitting right next to me."

The ghost pictures (below) are of the mists captured in Margaret's home:
Haunting Mists Ghost Pictures 

Both mists have complex vapor trails...
Vapor Trails of Ghost Mist are Excellent!

"I welcome the spirits (in my haunted house) - my grandfather's family can trace their roots back to Leap Castle. I have always been able to see things and feel them. I have had to unplug appliances because they turn on by themselves. I have also caught EVPs and even my husband has now heard things like (disembodied) singing. Also, each of us have thought the other had called or said something when it wasn't so. I have heard my name called and have seen a black shadow in the shape of a male walk right in front of me and through the wall."

These mists are very nice as they have incredible vapor trails that are unlike cigarette smoke.

Are these ghost pictures evidence of haunting? You decide...

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