Intelligent Hauntings

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Intelligent hauntings are those in which the ghost interacts with the present.  It is intelligent, in
that it may communicate with those on the earthly plane.  The disembodied person has
elected for some reason to stay or maybe just visit the physical world, due to a connection
with a person, place or thing.  Intelligent hauntings may also occur due to a spirit's
compelling need to deliver a message from the other side of the grave, or to watch over
loved ones.  In addition, it is also plausible that intelligent hauntings occur due to
attachments the ghostly person feels through memories, trauma, tragedy or any other
emotional tie, effectively binding the mind to:

1) maybe not realize the person's body is indeed deceased
2) completing unfinished earthly business
3) re-living traumatic events, as the mind replays the event in trying to comprehend
4) perhaps hang around loved ones or persons the ghost finds like company with
5) not letting go due to fear of death and moving on to a new world

It is important to understand that there is no devil, demons or evil spirits as traditionally
taught -- just disembodied people with varying personalities.  Some ghostly people, are
negative, while others are positive and very upbeat.  One may imagine that many people
you meet here on earth range from joyous to downright angry and dark.  Ghosts, or spirits of
people are no different.  One must understand that a person does not lose the mind he or
she has upon death of the physical body.  Though not common, angry spirits can be
encountered, no doubt.  And to be trapped in the earthly realm as a spirit is a form of hell; for
it is fear that holds ghosts of intelligent hauntings here no matter what the intent.  Whether it
is worry about someone, anger of having died and suffering loss, condemnation or doubt, all
are simply different forms of fear found in the lowest part of hell called the earthly plane.  
More can be garnered about this in the
Spirit World.  Ghosts, or people trapped in fear do
not need "cast out," or "exorcised;" they need patience and understanding - from one human
being to another.  For it has been said, "Ghosts are people, too."

Intelligent hauntings manifest typically in what some may consider "signs." Hiding or moving
objects, doors opening and closing, strange sounds, spiritual presence (goosebumps, eg),
disturbance of electrical devices are all examples of ghosts attempting to gain someone's
attention and communicate from the spirit realm.  One may also experience dreams and
visions of loved ones, especially right before or after sleep when most are open to contact
(and the left brain is quieted down).  It is also not uncommon to physically see a ghostly
loved on, as well.  The best thing one can do is remain open to the contact and listen to what
is heard deep within, as that is how ghosts primarily communicate.  Speak to the spirit, your
ghostly friend, in words of peace, understanding, blessing and love.
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