Portal Hauntings

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Portal hauntings are widely debated and yet much is known.  Some ghost hunters believe
that portals exist between the physical and spirit worlds.  Portals would then act as a door for
ghosts to cross over from the other side to the physical realm.   Others believe portal
hauntings to be doorways between the earth and other dimensions...even other worlds!  Still,
no one knows for sure if portals actually exist and if so, what they may be.

Some paranormal investigators believe that strange entities (that appear other-worldly and
do not seem human) captured by ghost photography, seem to be around areas with high
activity and are thus suspected to be portal hauntings.  These portal hauntings have also
been identified as having a high occurrence around graveyards or near underground
waterways for some reason.  Some have fostered the notion that graveyards may have been
built unknowingly, yet guided by the subconscious or higher powers that be, in areas that
portals exist.

With all this said, we simply do not know if portals exist at all.  It is interesting to note that
most near death experiencers recall going through a tunnel of light during their cross over
from this world to the next.  But can this tunnel of light work in the opposite direction, and
allow ghosts or disembodied persons to come back to earth and visit?  And are there other
tunnels or portals that may explain some of the strange type of hauntings people have

Finally, in ghost photographs, many ghost hunters strongly believe that "vortexes" are
evidence of portals.  A vortex usually appears as a streak of white ectoplasm mist, and is
typically confused with photos of mistakenly snapped camera straps in front of the lens.

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