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by Julia from Sydney Australia
I'm Julia from Sydney, Australia and I have a very disturbing story to tell you.  When I was
seven, I was in bed reading when I saw something out the corner of my eye.  So I looked up,
and saw a little girl standing in my doorway with very pale skin that was transparent.  She
had white robes on, and had a very sad look about her.  We looked at each other for like a
minute; then she vanished.

I didn't see her again, until I was ten.  My father had died that day from what the doctors
called heart failure.  As I was in bed, all warm, cosy and about to drift to sleep, I saw her
again in my doorway.  But this time, she didn't look sad, she looked happy.  This (my eyes
told me this) was not a good smile she had on her face, but a wicked, evil smile.  Mum sent
me to what she called a thinker helper (a Psychologist), because she thought that I was
making up the little girl story for attention.  I haven't told anyone else about the little girl since,
because I know not many people will believe me.
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