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"I stay in Kolkata, West Bengal,India. I recently went to Bara Imambara (Bhool Bhulaiya)in Lucknow(India). In that particular monument there are many dark tunnels and corridors. The speciality of Bhool Bhulaiya is that there are so many tunnels and corridors which look exactly the same. If you donít take a guide you will get lost and won't be able to come out." - Namasee Ganguly

Below is the original tunnel ghost picture:
Tunnel Ghost Picture - India

The following image is a close-up (inset) of the ghost face in the tunnel:
India Tunnel Ghost: Close-up

"I took this photo in one of the tunnels where it was very dark and no one was present there - it felt like if you go through that tunnel, you won't be able to come out. I took this photo of the tunnel while passing through an adjacent door through which our guide was leading us. I used my digital camera of Fujifilm paranoma - 14 megapixel. I didnít see the photo (of the man) at that time. Later when I came back to the hotel, I noticed this transparent face in the photo. I have no idea how this happened or whose face this is; it surely isnít human as the face is transparent. You can see the wall behind through its cheek. It is a genuine photo - I haven't done any Photoshop with it."

We do not believe this photograph was Photoshopped. It looks like a man, peering his head around the corner. We question whether or not this is a ghost. Although this face appears, at first, to be transparent (left cheek), this actually could be a reflection of light onto the man's cheek, similar to how the man's face is cast overtop of the illuminated surface. Inconclusive...

Is it a ghost? You decide...

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