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This haunted burial kimono was auctioned off on Ebay for $50.  The images and story about the haunted
are from the auction page; is this kimono actually haunted?  You decide...
haunted burial kimono ghost picture
The haunted
kimono.  Can
you see the
face above
the kimono?  
Is it a ghost?


Picture of the
slipping out
of its box.
haunted kimono
Original E-Bay Listing for the Haunted Burial Kimono:  

"The Most Haunted Item on Ebay!  Thank you for looking in on this auction.  What you are looking at is a
truly Haunted Burial Kimono worn by the ghost of a Japanese man!  Read on for proof!  Here are the facts
as they happened to me...

I have been interested in the paranormal ever since I had a very unique experience with an old fortune
teller lady in Las Vegas several years ago.  A few of my friends found out about my interest and one of them
said he has a brother that teaches English in Japan that has something I would be interested in.  A Haunted
Burial Kimono Worn By a Ghost!  I told him to contact his brother, get the facts & try to get me the kimono.
Well, my friend contacted his brother in Japan and got the story and the kimono for me.  In fact, his new
Japanese wife was all too happy to get rid of the kimono.  So, the story of the kimono as told to me by my
friend is that the person this belonged to was obsessed with planning out his own final rest. He had bought
this kimono to be worn upon burial. The family of this person was very upset that he seemed to have such a
fatalist frame of mind lately. Perhaps he knew something about what was to come.  Anyway, to make a long
story short, the family of this person found him resting on his bed in this kimono, dead.

There was an examination done but no cause of death was found.  The family was VERY upset. They made
arrangements for the funeral, but the kimono that the man picked out for his burial (yes, this very kimono,
the one he died wearing) was NOT used for burial. The family picked out a higher grade kimono for their
beloved family member. It's understandable I suppose, but evidently it wasn't what the dead man really
wanted for himself.  So, the kimono became the property of my friend's brother living in Japan. Then from
him to me. I have had it here at my house for about two months and there have been MANY STRANGE
HAPPENINGS here since it arrived.

Firstly, I began to hear strange noises late at night & early in the morning when I was between sleep. At first
I thought it was just my imagination playing tricks on me, but it kept happening about twice a week. I would
go downstairs to see what the noise was, but the noise would stop & I never found anything.  Then, the last
time this happened, I noticed that the box that the kimono was kept in was actually moved & opened!!! This
really freaked me out because I live alone & no one else had access to the box and I KNOW exactly how I
left it on the table!!! I had it folded perfectly back into the box and now it was as you see in the picture

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