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Haunted Pictures
Check out a few haunted pictures and fun paintings!

Pictures and portraits of people have long been used in movies and books to bring a frightening element to a story. All of us have seen framed pictures with "eyes that move." But what if they could really be haunted by the deceased - ghosts?

On eBay, we've noticed that quite a few sell pictures and photographs, claiming them to be haunted. What if the claims are true? How could something inanimate be haunted, and if so, why?
Read on and explore some of the stories of haunted pictures...
Haunted Pictures: WWII Pilot Ghost
"This haunted picture and frame is one of the many items recently given to me by a very close friend of mine. It has been handed down to me through a dear friend that was a practicing psychic in the New Orleans area. She has now passed on to the other side. This haunted picture holds the energy of an old pilot's ghost. When the haunted picture is set out on display many people have witnessed a man dressed in
Real Haunted Pictures
Take a look at some haunted pictures, mostly paintings, and their stories.

Haunted Picture
Owner claims this haunted picture is possessed and vengeful!

Haunted Pictures: Pic
Pictures of a haunted picture that a cat speaks to and has changed color.

Haunted Painting Pictures
Pictures of the famous haunted painting that made headlines on eBay.

Fun Haunted Pictures!
Haunted Pictures Video
uniform appear in hallways and doorways of the house. A deep man's voice can be heard at late hours of the night. I can usually hear military jargon being shouted at a fast speed. I don't know why this energy is so attached to this haunted picture or what this ghost is trying to tell me. I understand that my late psychic friend was working with this spirit before she died...that is why I am placing it up for auction. I would like someone with true gifts to be able to finish what my friend had started. One of the occurrence that happens when in possession of this haunted picture is becoming more in tune to energy overlays. This is where a person witnesses an event so strong, that has happened in the past, the energy from that event plays over and over again; kind of like an old movie. Another occurrence is the ability to hear the voices from those who have passed on. It's been described as sounding like a radio being turned on in the background of your mind. Only ones born with the 'gift' will feel drawn to bid on this haunted picture. This magical item calls out to those who truly deserve to own it. Listen to the voice within yourself to see if this haunted picture is supposed to be yours." - eBay Haunted Picture Listing
(above) Eddie Allen's haunted pictures provide fun, spooky action! Haunted & Eddie Allen creates some of the best haunted pictures we have seen. Eddie's haunted pictures or rather, "portraits" are displayed across the country in major attractions, as well as in homes. Visit his site and check out his freaky, fun, haunted-looking pictures that you can own!
(right) Haunted pictures of ghosts on the notorious eye wallpaper found within Disney's Haunted Mansion theme ride! Great fun at Disneyland or Walt Disney World!

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