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This haunted witch doctor voodoo box sold on Ebay.  Though we are not sure of its final price, it went over
haunted witch doctor voodoo box
The haunted witch
doctor box for voodoo
and its contents
including an alligator
haunted witch doctor box
haunted witch doctor voodoo box

Voodoo doll that
was in the haunted
witch doctor box.
haunted witch doctor box
Original E-Bay Listing for the Haunted Witch Doctor Voodoo Box:  

"This is a small wooden chest from the late 1800s / early 1900s American south, Memphis, TN area, with
contents dating from that time and more recently, previously owned by practitioners of voodoo or a similar
religion. Based on the nature and variety of the contents, the chest seems to have been the voodoo priest’s
equivalent of a doctor’s bag or tool chest, in that it contains items known to be used for both good and evil
works, and what appear to be remnants of efforts of both. The chest itself is a beautiful work of art and the
contents are unusual and fascinating; taken altogether, this is one of the most amazing things we’ve seen in
our lives. Unfortunately even short-term ownership has been costly, so we are selling it in the hopes that it
will find an appropriate home in a museum or private collection. We listed this once before on Ebay and,
not finding a buyer, decided to hang onto it and do some research. We have learned more about the origin
of the box and we have consulted several psychics and voodoo / voudon practitioners, and all of their
findings and opinions will be shared with the buyer.  

Since purchasing this item we have experienced strange phenomena involving electronics and vehicles in
the vicinity of the box; and for a while it was kept sealed in a larger box indoors, but everyone in the house
began complaining of nightmares (note that this included two people who knew nothing about the
presence or even existence of the chest); since then it has been kept in a climate controlled storage locker
where the light bulb burns out once or twice a week for no obvious reason."

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