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by Linell Redden

These are two separate incidences and have to do with my mom only, but I was
there to witness this.  Keep in mind my mom was a very dedicated nurse all her life,
taking care of other people; and my thoughts are this has something to do with her
being flanked by an angel.

The first occurrence -

My brother had died of cancer in Austin, TX, and we had an afternoon to gather all
the family for the evening service in my brother's memory.  We went to 6th street in
Austin which is a little off anyway, and had lunch and wasted some time.  It got hot,
so my husband and sister went to get the car, as I waited with my nephew and my
mom.  There were a couple of guys hanging around, and one may have been
drinking (which is non uncommon in that area of town).  But, he was very genuine
with my mother, and was just chatting with her and had said to her, "I bet you think I
am weird, or different, or something like that."  My mom being in her 80's just said,
"Well, I don't understand why y'all wear your caps backwards."  So, the man turned
his hat around on his head out of respect to her and said, "Is that better?"  Anyway,
they chatted a bit more (not about much) and my husband pulled up in the car.  As I
opened the door for her...we turned to say goodbye, and the man said to her, "You
know I'm an angel?"  That was it...

I didn't think much of it; just some weird guy.

About one year later, we were at my brother's grave site in Dallas fixing it up and we
had bought an angel statue and some flowers, etc.  After we were finished fixing
everything up, we sat for a while and a middle aged woman came up and said,
"May I bother you?"  We said, "Of course...can we help you?"  She said, "I just
wanted to tell you that there is an angel standing behind you."  We thought she was
talking about the angel statue we just put on the grave site, and explained we didn't
have a gravestone yet.  She said, "No...not
that angel.  There is a seven foot angel
standing behind you (meaning behind my mom)."  Of course I am freaking out (and
my mom is really handling this all quite well).  We sat and talked with her and asked
her if she knew my brother's wife's family (where he was buried).  "No."  We then
asked about her family and who she was here to visit, etc.  It turned out her name
was "Marge," which is my mom's name; and that she had a daughter living in Austin
who is a nurse at the hospital where my brother passed away.  We all really didn't
say much more...

Coincidence?  I don't know; but I have told my mom one more angel story with her
around, and I am convinced she has a very special angel looking over her.  She has
had a good life; but a disappointing life, and has an underlying sadness.  She gives,
and gives to people, and does very little for herself.  And like I said, she was an
exceptional, compassionate nurse.

What do you think.  Is there something to this?

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