Red Entity Ghost Picture

Paranormal investigator Norman Gagnon sent us this ghost picture showing a red entity. You may visit his page at S.E.A.R.C.H. or contact him at .

"I was asked by the owners of the Fish Market Restaurant to investigate their historic establishment. The 18th century building first was a warehouse originally used for storage and became a field hospital during the Civil War. In 1976, the building was converted to a restaurant and has been serving fine seafood since. Employees and managers have been reporting all sorts of paranormal activities from lights turning on and off, doors slamming shut, glassware gliding, ice cubes tossed against the walls and an old portrait was witnessed by one of the manager levitating! On my first investigation, I captured this “red entity” on 35mm film. The photo and negative was analyzed by the manager at the photo store and he said that this unusual “burst” was not caused by a light leak or from the processing of the negative and he did not know what would have caused this anomaly. The photo was taken late in the night and the building were using low voltage incandescent bulbs so this red flash/aura was not the results of reflections from the ceiling lights nor by reflective surfaces."

Norman captured this image in Alexandria, Virginia's Historic Old Town.

"I have returned at this restaurant three times and have taken a few more photos from the same location on the floor, without any unusual elements. I do not believe it to be a flash reflection from the ceiling fixtures or glare from the background windows.

I have captured many interesting anomalies on film from the many years of investigations but this 'red entity' is the most tantalizing."