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Short Angel Testimonies submitted by viewers to  Angels & Ghosts

We Were Not Supposed To Be Here Today
by Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Burgamy of Louisiana

My husband had a few days off from work and we decided to go to a bed and breakfast two and a half hours from our little Louisiana town.  It was nice
to know we would enjoy ourselves with peace and tranquility.

My husband and I were driving along the major Interstate, when all of a sudden from a side road, a truck going 80

miles per hour or more was barreling right at us.  My husband swerved the car and accelerated the pedal.  We were missed by a fraction of an inch.

It happened so fast, our
guardian angel had to be with us.  Otherwise, we would be dead.  We are thankful for being here today.  Very, thankful.

Nana's Angel
by Mrs. M.

Several years ago, my grandmother died after losing a battle with cancer.

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A few months after her death, I was changing my daughter's diaper on her bedroom floor.  She excitedly said to me, "Look mom.  There's G.G." 

I was a little nervous and asked,  "Where's G.G"?  She said, "There, in the Bambi picture." (She had a picture of Bambi on her wall.) 

I commented,  " I see Bambi."   She was very excited and said, "Yes.  And, there's G.G.  Wave to her, mommy.  Lay on the floor and wave to G.G." 

I didn't see G.G.,  but I do think she was really with us.

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