Angel of Light

The light in this spiritual picture was witnessed to be very bright to the point of blanketing Yvonne Williams. Her story and photograph is below.

"My mother had passed on Mother's Day of 2008. So I was feeling sad on 11/23/2010 in the afternoon, because this would be the second Thanksgiving I would not have her around. Then I began to get comfortable all of a sudden, thanking God for knowing her and for the time I spent with her before her life ended.

Later that evening, my boyfriend and I were on Skype conversing long distance. I was sitting at a desk next to the bed. His sister wanted to say hello to me. As she was speaking, she asked me if it was daylight or if I was outside, because it was too bright and she could barely see me. I told her no. Twenty or thirty minutes later, my boyfriend told me he could not see me because it was too bright. I turned and looked at the light but did not see what they were seeing. So I took pictures with my webcam. Lo and behold, this angel was right in the doorway. I believe she was watching over me and my newborn niece that I was babysitting and was laying on the bed. Angels are always around us if we want to see them, even at night, to be a comfort to a broken heart."

What an interesting angel story. Yvonne could not see what the web camera could.