When Angels Speak - Continued

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The Way I Understand It
I am going to try to explain how I see our Heaven and our part in this realm. We have God who is at the center of our existence. He is the main man, the head honcho; however you want to refer to him. He runs the show. Below him there are angels and many other entities, with you and I being one of these other entities. The Angels are beings that generally do not take physical form. Unless they are doing work that requires them to become physical they remain unseen. Their main purpose is to assist those of us who have decided to come back here for another round or to help those who have crossed over adjust to being home with God again. After we die, we go to heaven if you will. There, we look at our past life and see where we made our errors and where we learned our lessons.

When we have completed this we are ready to decide what it is we need to do to take our next step. The main objective is to become closer to God. With each graduation (death and or completing a knowledge base) we move closer to God. Now we have to decide whether we need to come back here or whether we can learn what we need from other areas.

Think of life as a big classroom. We are all in school from the day we are born. If you were going to go to a college you would decide what classes you are going to take before you signed up for the courses. It is something like that. If you wanted to be a teacher, you would take elective classes with your major course of study in teaching. The objective is to be a teacher but there are going to be many lessons before that can be obtained. Life is like a large school.

So now you have decided what it is you need to learn this time around. You choose who you think would be the best family/ person to help you achieve that goal. There are others who help you find the appropriate family. This is only one of the many jobs that the Angels do. Right now I want to get an understanding of where we fit in our existence.

All right, let’s say we have chosen where we would best fit on this material level to acquire the knowledge we need to move up. We are then born into the family we have chosen. I have to smile when I hear children say, “I didn’t choose to be born,” or “I didn’t choose to be born to you,” the fact is you did. Everyone chooses his or her family while here on earth. Why would anyone choose a family that would abuse him/her you may ask? The answer is simple; the lessons they need to learn require them to live such a life. Let’s say that the person in question needs to learn forgiveness. What is the best way for someone to learn anything? It is through living the ordeal. If I have never had anyone do wrong to me, I have never had to forgive, so I would have no idea what forgiveness was. Someone’s life lesson may be to deal with greed. Would they choose a life of riches or would they want to be poor? I would guess they would want to be poor and would have to learn how to give with the little that they have. Someone with lust issues maybe chooses to be born to a prostitute. It is all to learn our lessons.

There are certain instances when the person who is born into a particular situation is there to help others to learn. Say a soul comes to earth and after they are here for a short time they have a car accident and fall into a comma. They live for another ten years in a comma. They are not learning while in this state but the family that surrounds them or even the medical staff definitely is. Ever one chooses his own destiny. They decide before being born what they need to do to accomplish that goal and with guidance from what we call Angels they write out their journey through this existence.

Everyone you meet influences your learning experience. The butcher who has a bad temper, the waitress who is extra sweet. I hear some talk about regrets. If I hadn’t met the people I have and if I hadn’t lived the experiences that I did, I would not have gotten the lessons that I needed from those particular people. I try to see every experience as a lesson. Be it a good experience or a bad. I have learned something from it.

The Bible Section
I can only imagine how this section is going to be received. For those who know there is
something wrong with the God that the church wants us to know, this will not be especially difficult to understand. But for those who are convinced that the Bible is the only truth, I can only hope they don’t find out where I live.

I do believe that the Bible is based on truth. I believe there was a man named Jesus and that he walked beside us. The thing I have difficulty with is the God that resides in those pages. The Bible tells us that God is vengeful, that he is jealous, and that he will smite his enemies. I am very afraid of the God that exists within the Bible.

I do want to say here that there are laws. There are the laws of man and there are laws of nature. Either one can be very unpleasant. The laws of man are put out there and you need to follow them or you will find your self in jail. The laws of nature are a little bit different. I am sure everyone has heard the saying, what goes around, comes around. It is kind of the ying and yang concept. You cannot do a wrong with out doing a right. No deed goes unnoticed good or bad. As much as God has given you the mind to make your choices, he has given you the knowledge to know what is right and what is wrong.

As I said in my first paragraph, I do believe the Bible is based on truth. It is a history book that covers our existence from beginning to end. But with every history book there are exaggerations and with each rewriting of any book there are changes that are made. If you have three people sitting in a room and something happens, each one of them is going to see the event a little different than the other. It doesn’t make anyone wrong; it only makes him or her different. Different is good, it is how God created us and it is the way we know one from another. The point I am trying to make is when the multitude was watching Jesus turn the water into wine and filling the baskets with bread. How many different concepts of that event would there have been? I am convinced the event happened but was it exactly as it is written in the Bible? You take the different versions of the event and then add in a translation of those events not once but many times and I have to ask just how accurate could it actually be? The argument that I get from the people who can see the Bible as the only truth is that the translations where done by Gods hand through a mortal man. Having the ability to do automatic writing I can say it is not flawless. There are many times when I am writing and I know that it is me who has just written a word. There are times when the word that appears says one thing but when I ask for a confirmation of my understanding I get an entirely different meaning.

I want to be understood when I say I think there are flaws in the words in the Bible. I truly have a fear for my life just by writing this. I know the depth of some children of God’s commitment to those words. I commend you on your blind faith. I am not by any means saying you are wrong. As I stated previously I am only giving another possibility... We have the translations of the Bible and now we have to look at who is doing the translating. Being a woman I have had to question being second to a man within the words through out my life. Why would God say that I have to be a servant to my husband? Why would God say that any man should be a servant to another man?

I have to very honest here. I have never read the Bible from cover to cover. I base what I am saying on the teachings of the churches that I have attended. I have been, what I felt, attacked by people who are portraying them selves to be carrying the word of God. Love thy neighbor, but only if they can do something for you or agree with your beliefs.

I guess my biggest concern when it comes to the Bible is the way it portrays God. I will not be convinced that God has human characteristics. It is especially difficult when I look at life as a school. When you are in school you are there to learn. While doing your lessons you sometimes make mistakes. The teacher does not punish you for those mistakes, they take you by the hand and they show you the correct way to accomplish your goal. Why would God do anything less? God is love and understanding.

While in my classes to become a member of the church where my son went to school, the subject of children being born out of wedlock came up. As I stated I wasn’t married to his father, (the reason they wouldn’t let me become a member). I asked the teacher (our pastor) if he was trying to say that an innocent child of God would be condemned to hell because I had committed adultery. His answer simply was, “yes he would. It is written in the bible.” Again I will not ever be convinced that my God would send a child to eternal damnation because I decided to have sex out of marriage.

As I write these words I imagine people saying, “she had to find a way to make herself not appear to be sinning.” “She is full of sin and is worried about going to hell for her actions.” Maybe at one time that was true. I was concerned for my eternal soul. That was when I made up my mind to find my truth. I knew in my heart that I was not an evil person. I knew that God understood what I was feeling at all times and he would never condemn me for the human characteristics that he had instilled in me. I have never in my life knowingly hurt another. I would give the shirt off my back literally for someone in need. I have always and will always try to live in a Godly manner. Why would God sentence me to hell because I loved someone enough to share my soul with him? When I say a Godly manner I am talking about respecting others and myself. I live with the belief that what goes around comes around. Do unto others, as you would have them do on to you and judge not lest ye be judged. That to me is one of the most profound verses in the Bible. I know that I am my own judge. When I die I am not going to have to face a vengeful God but I am going to have to face myself. That to me is almost more frightening than the prospect of facing God. I am the only one who can judge my actions. Let me rephrase that. God could but he won’t. He is the only one, the only being out side of myself who can judge what I have and have not done with my life. It is not up to anyone to say I should have done this or I shouldn’t have done that. No one knows what my challenges in life are. No one knows what I am here to accomplish. How can anyone say I have done something wrong when it may have been what I was supposed to do to begin with?

The Bible is one of the most profound books ever written. It covers every aspect of our existence. It is a history book and all history books are based on truth. I know that the men that it is written about lived and the God that it talks about is. I also know that I personally cannot take the bible as the only word of God. I will die without fear. I will be sad that I am leaving my family and friends but I know in my heart that I am going to a beautiful place where my life will have reason even when I can’t see any here. That may be the entire objective of this book. Not to give my life purpose but to give someone else’s a reason. There is not a soul alive that does not have a cause. There is not a soul alive that hasn’t chosen their destiny. There is not a soul alive that is not one of Gods children, and most important there is not a soul alive who needs to fear death.

There is no hell and there is no punishing God who waits for you to come before him so he can condemn you for learning what he has sent you to learn. God is love and he is light and he is all that is beautiful. There is no need to fear him. Fear yourself because you will judge your own actions. Can you look deep in your heart and know that the things you have done throughout your life was to help you reach God? If you can than you have lived your destiny.

More On Understanding How It Works
Everyone wants to have an understanding of God and life and death for that matter. It is within all of us to know the truth. There is an intuition that some refer to as ESP. It is a little gnawing in the pit of our stomach. The little voice that tells you something is right or wrong. That little voice can be taken in two styles. One is from God or our angels and the other is from what some call our ego. That is the material us, the physical side of our being. The one that holds the fears and doubts that this world and society instill in us from birth. This world contains the negative side of us. Here we are able to learn through experience. How better to learn, than to live it. If someone tells you not to touch the stove because it is hot, you have no concept of what they are talking about until you touch it and get burned. That is how we learn. There are some who would not touch it. They can learn from being told but do they actually know what hot means? I am not sure. The best way to learn anything is by experiencing it. I am sure not every experience we have while here has been written as something we need to go through but I am sure that with each experience we learn a valuable lesson. I will say again that we are in school and need not fear death. It is only another part of living. It actually is the best part of our lives, we get to graduate and go home.

Death is not easy to deal with on any level. Even with the knowledge that it is only a transition it can be overwhelming. One of the most difficult things to deal with is when someone you love is dying a slow death. I have had this experience and know that there are many unanswered questions concerning the suffering that someone may go through preceding their death. I was informed that this is sometimes a very necessary part of the process. In some circumstances the person who is going to pass over is very earth bound. When you are born into this world your memories of life on the other side is erased. That is so the memory doesn’t interfere with your lessons while you are here. You are also given a survival instinct to help you want to stay here. Some people have a difficult time letting go of this material level. It would be quite a shock to a being to just be pulled out of their body without any forewarning. While there are many who do pass in moments there are some who need that transition time. It’s a very difficult time for anyone who has to watch their loved one suffering but it truly is in the dying person’s best interest.

Rules For Living
There are some rules that I call rules for living. They are rules that I guess I would say should be added to the commandments that God set forth years ago. I will not comment on the Ten Commandments because I believe that whether they were originally Gods words or something man added as each interpretation took place they are still very important. These rules that I am talking about are rules of nature so to speak. They are the simple things that man needs to keep in mind in everyday dealings with this world. The first rule for living is prayer. Prayer is one of the most powerful ways a person has to accomplish any thing they need to accomplish. If you are trying to get over fears or if you just need a break from the life projects you wrote before you came here, prayer is the way to accomplish it.

I guess I had better explain what I am talking about when I say a break from our project. As I stated earlier we have all written out what it is we need to do while we are here. What lessons we need to learn. There are times while we are working on these lessons that they can become more than we feel we can bear. You have to keep in mind that you worked these lessons out while you were in a very wonderful place. The idea of the chores at hand didn’t sound as difficult as some turn out to be. Just look at it as if you where planning your classes for school. You felt sure you could take all the classes that you signed up for but once you start them you realize that you have taken on just a little bit more than you should have. You have a choice of either working harder than you planned or dropping a class and taking it at another time.

You are here to learn and sometimes the lessons you have chosen can be quite overwhelming. Again I will say you wrote out these lessons while in a place where the memory of how difficult it can be are just that, memories. So you have a choice here to work harder or take the lessons at another time just as you would in school. All you have to do is pray and let God know that things are a little bit too hard for you right now. Tell him that you need a break and he will be more than happy to accommodate that request.

Prayer is real and prayer will give you what you need. All you have to do is ask and you will have. I have personally been in situations in my life where I didn’t think I could go on. Prayer is what got me through them, and prayer can get you through any thing that you have to deal with also. God wants to hear from his children. I try to look at it as having a conversation with my physical father. I share my happiness with God and I share my sadness with him. Sometimes I sing his praises and there are other times when I am angry with him and tell him that. God knows that we are in a very difficult place. He is here to help you and he has also sent us many other helpers. All we need to do is ask for the help we need and it is there for us.

The next rule I want to talk about is suicide. It is a not a choice for us. This is when asking for a break from our lessons would come in very handy. Some times things seem so hopeless that the only choice we feel we have is to take our own lives. I will repeat it is not a choice. If you have chosen specific classes to accomplish your goal of say being a lawyer, and you fail one of those classes, what happens? You will have to retake that class. If you fail in life and that is what is happening if you commit suicide, then you will have to repeat the entire course. I guess you could look at it, as the time you have already spent here as wasted time. I look at how difficult my life has been. I look at what I have been through and think about having to do all of it again. It doesn’t matter if I checked out after many years of hard work. You have written when you will go home and if you go home prior to what you have written, then you will have failed and you will have to take the course over. Suicide is not the answer to any of your problems. Ask God to give you a break, prayer is the answer.

The next rule concerns judging others. It is not up to anyone to judge another. The only one who can judge me is me. I believe that is one of the most broken rules there is. I know that even as strongly as I feel about it, I still find myself from time to time, judging the actions of another. It is difficult to not do. We are told that doing certain things is wrong from childhood. When we see someone do one of those things, it is just our nature to point it out and say, “Hey that’s wrong.” That is not our job. We are here to learn. We do not know what anyone else’s lessons are so how can we say they are wrong.

Do as you would be done by. If everyone lived by that rule God would have to come up with another training place for us. The world would be such a nicer place we would have a hard time getting our lessons learned here. It really speaks for itself. If you wouldn’t hurt yourself, why would you hurt anyone else? If you don’t want to be talked about, why talk about someone else? The sentence speaks for itself. Try to be the best you can be in all that you do and allow others to be who they are without your interference.

The End
While doing some of my writings I was given some very sound advice and I believe these words are written for anyone’s benefit. I would like to share them.

  • Thank you, for believing in us, belief is the first step to understanding.
  • God establishes life and then it is up to you to learn the needed lessons.
  • Take life as it comes and learn from it all that you can.
  • Close doors and add direction.
  • Look for the benefit in all that you do.
  • Establish sound advisers and listen to their advice.
  • Don’t be afraid to do everything that you want to do, your lessons are steadfast.
  • God leads and you follow, be consistent with your beliefs.

There are many other messages that I have received from my angels but I will save them for another time. I wrote these few words for my close family and friends with the hope that they will move one step closer to God. Whether it is within their own church or within there own subconscious -- the truth is there for all who want to know it.