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James Vasquez sent us this EVP, but it has a lot of noise in it.  We sent it to Norm Vogel of to see if he could clean it up.  The first evp is the original from James;
the second one is from Norm broken out into segments of what he hears - quite different in
comparison.  The female voice is the most striking!
Heres an evp I recorded in a 1700s, run-over cemetery.  I heard about this cemetery, so I went alone to
check it out.  I was told it was a cemetery made by settlers that came through the area.  What I hear in this
evp is the following:

At 13 seconds I hear "I'll kill you."  
At 16 Seconds I hear, "Get out."
At 31 seconds someone mumbling "Guilty."
At 1:02 I hear a female say, "Why are you here?"  
Then right at the end it sounds like a little girl saying, "Patty cake."

Please let me no what you think.  
- James
Here it is the same EVP broken out by Norm Vogel and what he hears:

Each voice is repeated five times:
1.  "Yes, I can"  (raspy; very beginning of the tape).
2.  "Drunk is fine"  (not sure)
3.  "Guilty"   (VERY clear)
4.  "Why do you do this to me?"  (female)    
- Norm
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