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Carin Les, founder of Missouri-based GoDark! MPR sent us this amazing ghost picture taken at Lemp Mansion. Lemp Mansion is a notoriously haunted house that was built in the 1860s in St. Louis, Missouri. The Lemp family has been plagued with shocking tragedies, especially a string of suicides that took place in the home. Could one or more of the the Lemp family still walk about the old home, still suffering from the demise of the family's brewery business? This ghost picture might be evidence of the Lemp Mansion's haunting visitors:

"I was hoping to submit  an interesting photo my team captured on our trip to Lemp Mansion (Saint Louis, MO.)  this past February.  It has been authenticated, if that is even possible, by Lemp Mansion and SuperNatural Investigations.  I would love to display the photo, and my team is very open to others thoughts, opinions and criticism. After all, that is part of investigating the afterlife."


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Original ghost photo taken in the William Lemp suite February 18, 2011.

Above Middle:
We adjusted the contrast to show the ghost image better.

Negative image of the Lemp Mansion ghost picture.

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