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Real Haunted Houses
The Best of Real Haunted Houses
In our search for
real haunted houses, we have examined the reports given for the
following homes with ghosts and found them intriguing to say the least. Check out our list of
some of the best, real haunted houses of legend. We've given you a brief synopsis so you
can do some more digging on your own about each specific haunting. Many of these real
haunted houses may be toured in-person:
Real Haunted Houses: Franklin Castle
Located in Cleveland, Ohio, this jewel of the real haunted houses list is
intimidating before one ever enters the property. Towering over
spectators, this gargoyle-guarded, stone mansion is complete with
balconies, turrets and wrought iron fencing. It is reported that several
deaths took place in the home back in the 1800s. Three of the people
were babies. Today, people claim to hear disembodied footsteps,
slamming doors and the occasional cry of an infant.

Real Haunted Houses: Hull House
Built in 1856, this brick mansion is found in Chicago. Rumor has it that
a wife of its owner passed in the bedroom on the second level. A
grotesque-looking "devil baby" was also brought to the house and
locked in the upstairs attic, eventually dying there. Later used to house
the poor and hungry, Hull House was believed to be haunted by its
former resident, Mrs. Charles Hull.

Real Haunted Houses: Spy House
This New Jersey haunted house (now a museum) is said to have a
ghost in every window! Its history of haunting chases its roots back to
the American Revolution which is when it was known by locals as a
"spy house." You can read more about the Spy House here:
Haunted Spy House Museum

Real Haunted Houses: Whaley House
In San Diego's Old Town section sits one our real haunted houses with
a dark past. Part of this ghostly home once served as a court house
and the grounds were once used to perform public hangings! You can
read more about it here:
Haunted Whaley House

Real Haunted Houses: Lizzie Borden House
Everybody knows the story of hatchet-wielding Lizzy and how she
possibly hacked her mother and father to pieces. She was aquitted of
the crime, but some say this home-turned-bed and breakfast is
haunted by the sounds of a woman crying. Objects have also been
seen moving on their own in this Fall River, Massachusetts house.

Real Haunted Houses: LaLaurie Mansion
New Orleans is a spooky town on its own, but this most haunted of
houses is said to have a history of tortured slaves. The stories of
abused workers dates back to the 1830s. Some have reported seeing
a tall, dark figure in the house. Actor Nicholas Cage once owned the
house saying, "...other people have beachfront property; I have
ghost-front property."

Real Haunted Houses: Lemp Mansion
This real haunted house was built in the 1860s in St. Louis, Missouri
and is believed to be stricken with a family curse as generations of the
Lemp family passed there due to various reasons, many of which were
suicides. It is believed the ghosts of several family members still haunt
the old home, struggling over the demise of the family's brewery
business. See: Lemp Mansion Ghost Picture & Lillian Lemp Ghost

Real Haunted Houses: Sprague Mansion
Textile manufacturing family's former residence in Cranston, Rhode
Island is said to still be haunted by its former butler named, "Charlie."
The 1843 death of the owner's son, Amasa, also casts a dark shadow
over this now haunted house and property. Amasa was beaten, then
shot, and the wrong man hanged for his crime (which was never
solved). Today, the house is said to be haunted by Amasa and others...

Real Haunted Houses: Myrtles Plantation
Myrtles is a very old home, being built in 1796 in St. Francisville,
Louisiana. Tragedy would later strike several owners of the home in
the 1800s. In the 1950s, the plantation house owner was the first to
openly disclose haunted happenings within the home. It is believed
Myrtles Plantation is haunted by more than a dozen ghosts, the
most infamous being slave, Chloe, who poisoned the owners.

Real Haunted Houses: Winchester Mystery House
San Jose, California's legend, the
Winchester House was built by the
widowed wife of rifle maker William Winchester. Believing the family
was cursed for creating such a terrible, weapon Sarah Winchester
continued to build onto her home until her death. She was told by a
medium it would house the spirits of people killed by their weapons.
Many people have described all sorts of paranormal phenomena
taking place at this real haunted house...

Real Haunted Houses: The White House
Yes, we are talking the White House of our President in Washington,
D.C. What list of real haunted houses would be complete without one
of the most famous of American homes on the list? Believe it or not,
people have reported seeing the ghost of First Lady, Abigail Adams,
and President, Abraham Lincoln. Some of the witness have been
credible, too, such as Winston Churchill and Queen Wilhelmina of the
Netherlands. Other famous ghosts who have been seen or heard
include Dolly Madison, Andrew Jackson, William Henry Harrison and
Thomas Jefferson! If we think about it, heck, many ghosts might want a
chance to take up residence in such an importantly historical place!

Real Haunted Houses: Villisca Axe Murders House
You can still tour this Villisca, Iowa home where an unidentified man
killed two adults and six children way back in 1912. People have
reported ghostly activity, believed to be due to the eight lives cut short,
such as voices of children and a door moving open and shut.

Real Haunted Houses: Amityville Horror House
Is this place really haunted? The movie loosely based on this home
makes people think so, but this legend has its share of critics. Still, you
should know that the Amity house was indeed the sight where a 23
year old man took the life of his mother, father, brothers and sisters
while they slept. The Lutz family who purchased the home a year later
only stayed for 28 days, but who could live in such a house! Is it really
haunted? You decide...

Real Haunted Houses: Chambers Mansion
This San Francisco home was built in 1887 and named after its silver
mine magnate. His nieces inherited the Pacific Heights home after his
passing in 1901. An odd story unfolded; one sister lived in the house
while the other bought a neighboring home beside it. The unfortunate
sister who remained at the residence was later found cut in two. It is
now thought that a crazy family member who lived in the attic attacked
her. After the haunted house became a hotel in 1977, visitors began
reported ghost occurrences...

Real Haunted Houses: Biltmore Estate
This huge and beautiful mansion sits in Asheville, North Carolina. Built
by George Vanderbilt as a "little mountain escape," this real haunted
house is America's largest home! When George died in 1914, it has
been reported that his widow often communicated with him. People
have described seeing the ghosts of a woman in black, a
champagne-serving maid, and an orange, headless cat.

Real Haunted Houses: Stranahan House
A Fort Lauderdale house built in the New River in 1893, its first owner
was said to eventually suffer from depression. After losing his
business to a hurricane, he took his life by weighting his body down
and jumping in the river. He has been seen in the haunted home, along
with his wife, other family members and an Indian servant woman who
once worked at the property.
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