Ghost Ship: Ryou-un Maru

A Japan tsunami ghost ship appears...

Ryou-un Maru Ghost ShipIn 2011, an earthquake rocked northern Japan, Fukushima, and sent a tidal wave, known as a tsunami, that destroyed most everything in its site. Entire cities disappeared instantly; and when the water rushed back out to see, it carried all sorts of debris, from homes to cars, and even ships that were once moored. Making matters even worse, a nuclear power plant was severely damaged, sending radiation upon that part of the devastated country.

In March 2012, off the coast of British Columbia, a ghost ship that was taken out to sea with the tsunami, appeared to the amazement of news crews and the Canadian people. There wasn’t anyone piloting the ghost ship, and who knows if any ghosts were aboard the eerie vessel. No one was seen on-board, and the ship was not boarded to see if there were any dead.

The ghost ship was originally awaiting the scrap yard in Japan when disaster struck. But by April 2012, it was floating in high traffic shipping lanes of the Gulf of Alaska.

The U.S. Coastguard sunk the ghost ship by firing cannons at it with precision, sinking it with explosives in about four hours. The ship's hull was riddled with holes, even catching fire before drifting down 6000 feet to the sea floor.

The owner of the ghost ship didn’t want to claim it, and repeated attempts by other ship scrappers to salvage the Ryou-un Maru for scrap went awry. It was simply too dangerous to put people on the lifeless ship to help tow it to shore. That was the final straw that led to the ship's eventual demise after being at sea on its own -crewless - for over a year.