Videos of Ghost Ships

Looking to learn about ghost ships? We have gathered a few stories of some of the more famous ghost ships, providing a selection of videos about them. For more about haunting at sea, be sure and check out our Ghost Ships section. Also, see the Real Ghost Ship Video.

Many ghost ships simply have no explanation as to how they fell upon becoming the stuff of legend, and their tales continue to haunt the minds of those who have seen them.

Famous Ghost Ships
The Flying Dutchman ghost ship is perhaps the most legendary of all ghost ships. A 1680 Dutch Captain makes a swear against God as legend goes, and the ship and crew are never heard from again (alive, that is) after being determined to sail around the Cape of Good Hope. They are seen before other tragedies take place at sea, for the Flying Dutchman's souls will not rest they say, until another takes his place.

The Mary Celeste ghost ship is considered one of the most scariest ghost ship stories told.

She was found in 1872 off the coast of Gibraltar, with tattered sails and other odd things amiss. There was no sign of the crew, but their personal items and cargo was intact. The galley had a fresh, hot meal ready to consume, but the crew of this ghost ship never returned to enjoy it.

The SS Watertown ghost ship provided not only a good ghost story from 1924, but a photograph would later convince many that the faces of two sailors who died tragically onboard, later appeared beside the ship.

The ship's Captain took the SS Watertown ghost photo after seeing their images appear in the waters along side the ship.

The U65 Uboat German submarine has a haunting tale to tell. The second officer was killed onboard in an accidental explosion, and seen on the ship from time to time after that.

The crew was convinced that the sub was haunted, especially after a string of bad luck. Eventually the U65 was destroyed in 1918 by a horrible internal explosion, which has left many to believe the ghost ship was cursed.

Haunted ghost ships still captivate us today, and the interest has only grown since Johnny Depp and cast thrilled us in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie trilogy.

Perhaps, even more stories of ghost ships being sighted at sea will surface, as their tales seem to never end. Modern-day tragedies at sea still occur, and so do the ghosts that eventually haunt them...