Ghost Ships: Baychimo

A cargo steamer was built in Sweden, in 1914 for Hudson's Bay Company. The Baychimo was used for trading pelts for provisions from the Inuit people along the Victoria Island Coast of the Northwest Territory - where it became a ghost ship of note.

Heading home with a cargo load of fur in October of 1931, The Baychimo became trapped in ice. The ship was briefly abandoned, but it broke free from the ice and was re-boarded by its crew. The Baychimo became stuck in ice again a few days later, and most of the crew were airlifted to safety. Only fifteen crew remained, awaiting the ship to break free from the ice. As they stayed in a nearby wooden shelter, a blizzard struck and the ship disappeared in the storm. The crew concluded that the Baychimo must have sunk somehow during the storm.

The Baychimo was seen a few days later, 45 miles away, and was tracked down. The cargo was removed, and the ship again was abandoned due to its "un-sea-worthiness." The Baychimo continued to float on the sea on its own for 38 years, and was seen many times. Several times it was boarded, but either bad weather or the lack of necessary equipment to salvage the Baychimo, kept it a ghost ship. The Baychimo was last seen stuck in the ice of Beaufort Sea in 1969, and has not been seen since.