Ghost Ships: Jian Seng

Jian Seng Ghost ShipAn abandoned tanker, the Jian Seng, was found in 2006 by an Australian coast watch airplane in the Gulf of Carpentaria. The Australian customs vessel Storm was dispatched at night.

The following morning, a small boat was launched to board the drifting Jian Seng. No one was found on board. Its point of origin unknown, documents recovered later indicated it was the Jian Seng; but the ship's name had been painted over.

The Jian Seng had a large supply of rice in its cargo hold, used to possibly re-supply fishing vessels out at sea. Its engines, however, were inoperable and Australian officials concluded it had been adrift for some time. As the Jian Seng had been stripped of anything of value, it was surmised that it perhaps broke loose from being towed to a ship scrap yard.

The Jian Seng was later towed to deep waters and sunk as an artificial reef, because its owner was never located.