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Shortly after World War II in 1948, several ships responded to SOS and Morse Code
distress calls from the Dutch freighter,
Ourang Medan.   "All officers including captain dead,
lying in chartroom and on the bridge, probably whole crew dead..." was deciphered from the
code, along with the final message, "I die."   Rescuers found the ghost ship Ourang Medan
drifting in waters near Indonesia.

The entire crew including the Ourang Medan's dog were found in terrifying positions, "teeth
bared, with their upturned faces to the sun, staring as if in fear..."  What did the crew see that
frightened them so?  Many have proposed a UFO killed them, or that ghosts came from the

Following this grim discovery, a fire occurred in the ship's hold and forced rescue parties to
leave the ship.  This proved to be good, because the Ourang Medan soon exploded violently,
lifting the ship upward and sinking it before their eyes.  This only added to the ghost ship's
legend, as it made it impossible to conclude what really took place aboard the fated freight
liner.  Some believe the ship illegally carried harmful chemicals or chemical weapons being
black marketed after WWII.  Could these illegal chemicals have mixed producing deadly
gases?  Or, did chemical weapons seep out and destroy all on board?  We'll never know...
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