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Australian Ghost Tours
Looking for ghost tours in Australia? Australia has its fair share of haunting, and so,
there are quite a few Australian ghost tours one can enjoy.  Below, we have compiled a
listing of some ghost tours found within Australia.

Ghost tours and ghost walks are guided tours where participants can learn about the
haunted history of area sites.  Catering especially to tourists, ghost tours are a popular
form of ghost hunting.  Australian ghost tours and walks differ from ghost hunts in that they
are a guided tour accompanied with stories of local haunts, and less terrifying.
Stories of Australian history, legend, and
spectres are the highlight of a ghost tour.
From Melbourne to Sydney, those interested
in ghosts and haunting will find enjoyment in
masterful Aussie story-telling.

Australian ghost tours are typically fun,
entertaining, and can even be accompanied
by children who are not spooked too easily.  
This makes ghost tours a family adventure,
something very popular to Australian tourists.
When visiting Australia, why not look up local ghost tour and give it a go.  You may find it to
be a
spirited vacation experience.  The following are ghost tours available in Australia.
Select an Australian ghost tour to visit their website:

Liz Vincent Ghost Tours
Fantastic Australia ghost tour of New South Wales.

The Rocks Ghost Tours
Sydney Australia ghost tour of the oldest colonial district in the city.

Melbourne Cemetery Tours
Helen and Jan have been conducting this Australia Ghost Tour for 20 years!

Melbourne Paranormal Investigations
Investigating genuine claims of paranormal phenomena across the city and surrounding State of Victoria and beyond.

Paranormal Pursuit Ghost Tours
New South Wales ghost tour by bus every Friday and Saturday night.

Briar's Historic Park & Homestead
Ghost tour and investigate the amazing homestead!

Ballarat Ghost Tours
Located in Victoria, Australia, Ballarat is considered to be a very haunted city.

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