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Ghost Tours in Illinois!
Are you searching for ghost tours within Illinois?  There are many ghost tours in this
state, and many of them are in or around the Chicago area.  Yet, there are still ghost tours
in other parts of Illinois.

Ghost tours and ghost walks are guided tours where participants can learn about the
haunted history of area sites.  Catering especially to tourists, ghost tours are a popular
form of ghost hunting.  Illinois ghost tours and walks differ from ghost hunts, in that they are
a guided tour with stories of local haunts, and thus are less terrifying.
Chicago, Illinois has a very interesting
history, for not only were four square miles of
the city burnt to the ground over a century
ago, but it quickly grew out of the ashes to
become one of the most populous and
economically important cities in the United

Gangster activity within the city took a turn for
the worse when Al Capone arrived there and
set-up his bootlegging (and other) illegal
operations within the Illinois city.  Of course,
he and many other gangsters met their
demise in Chicago, as well.
Today, many ghost tours take visitors to the dark, haunted history that is the backbone of
Windy City.  Below, you will find ghost tours to choose from, with many of them
centering around Chicago, and its outlying towns and suburbs.

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