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Ghost tours found within Ohio!
Looking for ghost tours in Ohio? Ohio has many tales of haunting, and so, there are
quite a few ghost tours
found within Ohio, that one can enjoy.  Below, we have compiled a
listing of some ghost tours found within O
hio's cities and small towns.

Ghost tours and ghost walks are guided tours where participants can learn about the
haunted history of area sites.  Catering especially to tourists, ghost tours are a popular
form of ghost hunting.  O
hio ghost tours and walks differ from ghost hunts, in that they are a
guided tour accompanied with stories of local haunts, and
a bit less terrifying.
One of the premier ghost tour companies is
Haunted Heartland Tours.  Sherri, the owner,
works hard to research the different haunts
found within Ohio, and presents many
different types of ghost tours and dinner
events.  Some of her ghostly excursions are
by walking, while others may be by bus trip, or
even dinner within a haunted location.  

Sherri's stories are always compelling, as
she is able to share Ohio history, as well as
its numerous legends.
When visiting Ohio, why not look up a local ghost tour and give it a try.  If you live in Ohio,
you'll find a ghost tour is a great time, especially with friends and family.  Below are some
ghost tours found within Ohio:

Haunted Heartland Tours
Best Ohio ghost tour company, featuring Sherri Brake-Recco...

Meet The Spirits
This Lake "Eerie" walking ghost tour takes you to Fairport Harbor, a spooky little town.

Mansfield Reformatory
Explore the famously haunted prison in central Ohio.

Haunted Cleveland Tours
Ghost tour with the city on the north coast's Psychic Sonya.

Haunted Cincinnati Tours
Ghost tour Cincinnati, an amazing Ohio city with a rich history!

Miamitown Ghost Tours
Ghost tour this southwestern Ohio town nightly...

A Step Back In Time
Ghost tours of Madison, Milton, Bedford and the surround mid-Ohio Valley.
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